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Fashion Show


BRIT exists to support and improve the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults, students, and staff, throughout the UK by delivering the annual inclusive BRIT Challenge.




Thank you for taking the time to read this confidential BRIT Fashion Presentation.


BRIT Fashion centres around the impact that the launch, and exclusive coverage in a leading British Fashion Magazine, would have in September 2024. This is when we intend to hold a reception for the 24 British Designers, the 24 BRIT Ambassadors and Disability/Inclusion Campaigners wearing their designs, and representatives from universities and colleges that teach fashion and design and will be invited to embrace an annual BRIT Fashion Competition for their students.


The collective support of 24 British Designers collaborating on this initiative has the potential to deliver many positive messages around mental health, wellbeing, body image, inclusivity, and disabilities and medical conditions. The success of BRIT Fashion hinges on the secrecy of this initiative. I would be sincerely grateful if you would agree to not sharing the information contained within this presentation, or the link to this private link, with a wider audience.


Our charity exists to support and improve the mental health (MH), fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults, students, and staff, throughout the UK. BRIT was founded to be a conduit charity and at the heart of all we do is our vision to improve and support wellbeing throughout the whole Education Sector. BRIT remains determined to drive change, and both complement and support existing Higher Education and Further Education MH strategies at every institution, together with inspiring volunteering and fundraising throughout the UK.


With a continued demand on Professional NHS Resources and Student Support Services, MH remains a priority. BRIT aspires be an integral part of sustained change within the Education Sector, and we will continue to act as both an enabler and a catalyst to improve MH, fitness, and wellbeing.


Throughout the past decade we have conducted over 850 visits to universities, colleges, specialist colleges, charities, and communities, in every county of the UK including the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney.  Over 400 visits and meetings took place in 2022/3.

To reduce operational overheads, the charity does not employ any staff and relies on volunteers and gifted professional services wherever possible.


Over 200 Olympians, Paralympians, Sports Personalities, Adventurers and Explorers, have joined our BRIT Ambassador family to share their lived experience in order to inspire, encourage and enthuse young adults and students to take part in our annual BRIT Challenge.




By listening to students and staff, we have continually adapted our annual BRIT Challenge which continues to become more inclusive and flexible to enable every institution to decide when they take part, what activities they will offer to their students and staff, and who they raise funds for. Year on year we have seen an increase in participation; over 150 universities and colleges embraced the BRIT Challenge this year (over 400 in the past four years).  This is a video from Canterbury Christ Church University celebrating their BRIT Challenge engagement and the positive impact on students and staff.




What is unique about our support to students and staff throughout the UK are the relationships we have forged with the Higher Education, Further Education, and Specialist College Sectors; with Senior Leadership Teams, Student Support Services, and Students’ Unions. It has been a pleasure to forge partnerships and special relationships with the National Union of Students (NUS), Universities UK, Guild HE, Independent HE, the AoC, Colleges Scotland, Colleges Wales, Natspec, AMOSSHE, NAMMS and London Higher.  


Students, Staff, and SMEs, within the Education, Sport, and Charity Sectors, shape, steer and guide our charity. We have ensured inclusivity is at the forefront of our work to engage students and staff of all abilities through the BRIT Challenge.


The support of British Fashion Designers would not only enable us to continue our work, but enable us to grow and have a greater impact going forward by engaging with more young adults. We have ambitious plans to destigmatise mental health and promote equality, diversity and disability inclusion - British Designers would be at the heart of all our work to support the wellbeing of young adults and students throughout the UK.

I hope BRIT Fashion is an initiative that you would like to be an integral part of.  It would be an absolute pleasure to come and meet you in person if you would like to discuss next steps.

With my very best wishes,


Founder and Non-Paid Chief Executive of the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT)

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