The ambition of BRIT is the creation of an inspirational centre of excellence, with the resources and facilities necessary, to support, inspire and motivate young people who have physical and mental health challenges.  This vision was supported by over 55 charity Chief Executives who partnered with BRIT and offered to act as Advisors. 

The level of support was extraordinary, however due to Phil’s unexpected ill-health over the past four years, it became increasingly challenging to convert the political and strategic will into an operational plan capable of turning the vision into reality.


Over the past year, a new opportunity has arisen that we feel will lead to the very real prospect of a dedicated site being built within the next few years.  Whilst Phil’s health has continued to improve, we want to seize an opportunity to join forces and maintain momentum.  The BRIT vision will remain at the very heart of this new collaboration.



Over The Wall (OTW) www.otw.org.uk is a national children’s charity that provides free therapeutic residential activity camps for children and their families who are experiencing serious illness and chronic health challenges.   It is the ambition of OTW to build an iconic, all weather, state of the art facility for use, as a national centre, by all children’s charities across the UK.


Having had many detailed discussions, we are convinced that a collaboration on the building of a national centre will stand the best possible chance of success, whilst maintaining the integrity and aspirations of both charities.  There is a natural synergy between our organisations and BRIT was founded to work in support of charities; this collaboration embraces that intent. Changes to the British Inspiration Trust’s Governing Article have been submitted to The Charities Commission for their approval to reflect this.


Phil will remain involved with the OTW Project in a Senior Advisor/Ambassador role.  Kevin Mathieson, CEO of OTW, now invites you to find out more, continue discussion and explore potential collaboration between your charity or corporation and OTW.


Allan Jolly is Head of Partnerships and Evaluation at OTW (allan.jolly@otw.org.uk or 07703219059) and we would invite and encourage you to meet at your earliest convenience.