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The Pledge

The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) are inviting British Designers to make a pledge to donate the proceeds (full retail price) of one of their bespoke outfits to BRIT each year for the next three years; their generosity will provide vital funds to enable the charity to grow and have greater impact on supporting and improving the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults and students.


The three year BRIT Pledge is to encourage British Designers to help grow the charity and be an integral part of our BRIT Family.​

British Designers would be able to decide on which outfit, or fashion item, they would choose to be their BRIT Pledge contribution.

They may like to consider sharing with the buyer their commitment to help support young adult mental health and wellbeing.  

The collective pledges from British Designers would fund BRIT's Operational Costs and enable the charity to grow our BRIT Ambassador family and support our BRIT Regional Steering Groups.

British Designers may like to include an exclusive label within the garment/fashion item. For example;

Proceeds from this outfit have been pledged by Laura to support the vision of BRIT


*Our aspiration is to secure the support of 24 British Designers by the end of 2023 and introduce each of the 24 BRIT Ambassadors or leading Disability/Inclusion Campaigners.

British Designers would be encouraged to pledge the proceeds of their outfit to BRIT in 2023.

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