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Reflection Through Broken Glass


Inviting and Engaging British Artists

Engaging artists to donate works that will raise a very ambitious target is vital; we need to communicate the impact they will have on young adult mental health wellbeing, inspiring a generation, and attracting buyers who will pay for their one off works of art.


BRIT Art needs to be a proposition that cuts through the hundreds of requests artists receive on a regular basis. They are often overwhelmed with charity requests and BRIT Art needs the kind of impact that Bono and Damien Hirst’s Red Auction had.


Artists are overwhelmed with charities asking them to support with donated works of art – BRIT Art has to have a strong hook and we think this is about sharing their voices around destigmatising mental health, inspiring young adults and the power of the stories behind the unique works of art they will create.


Not devaluing their names/brands/art – Bonhams would lead on reserve prices / sharing the personal stories behind the art to engage high net worth collectors.

Our British Artist List

Reaching iconic and influential artists, and inviting them to be part of this initiative to support young adult mental health, will rely on the support of key individuals they trust and who can personally encourage them to unite with us.


It would be advantageous to invite key individuals to be part of an influential BRIT Art Committee/Gathering as it would be tremendous if we were able to secure support from as many of the artists that were part of the original BritArt Group as possible including;


  • Tracey Emin CBE RA

  • Mat Collishaw Hon. FRPS

  • Damien Hirst

  • Gillian Wearing CBE RA

  • Michael Landy CBE RA

  • Chris Ofili CBE

  • Jake and Dinos Chapman

  • Anya Gallaccio

  • Gary Hume RA

  • Sarah Lucas

  • Douglas Gordon

  • Liam Gillick

  • Tacita Dean CBE RA

  • Ian Davenport

  • Angela Bulloch

  • Tim Noble and Sue Webster

  • Sir Steve McQueen KBE

  • Jane and Louise Wilson RA

  • Fiona Banner

  • Lucie Bennett

  • Dexter Dalwood

  • Gavin Turk

  • Abigail Lane

  • Richard Patterson

  • Dame Rachel Whiteread DBE

  • Christine Borland

  • Georgina Starr

  • Fiona Rae RA

  • Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE

  • Marc Quinn

  • Mark Wallinger

  • Jenny Saville RA


It would also be wonderful to secure the support of other leading influential artists including Bridget Riley CH CBE, Frank Auerbach, Sir Antony Gormley OBE, Sir Anish Kapoor CBE RA, David Hockney OM CH RA, Grayson Perry CBE RA, Glenn Brown CBE, Peter Doig and Banksy.

Should any British designer be keen to know more, or agree to meet, Phil - the Founder and Non-Paid Chief Executive of the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) - will offer to visit them in person.


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