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The British Inspiration Trust’s BRIT Fashion initiative


BRIT Fashion is a charitable initiative to invite British Fashion Designers to collaborate on an inclusive and inspiring legacy project with three aims;




Act of Kindness Pledge - 2023*


British Designers will be invited to make a pledge to donate the proceeds (full retail price) of one of their bespoke outfits to BRIT each year for the next three years; their generosity will provide vital funds to enable the charity to grow and have greater impact on supporting and improving the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults and students. The three year BRIT Pledge is to encourage British Designers to help grow the charity and be an integral part of our BRIT Family.​

*Our aspiration is to secure the support of 24 British Designers by the end of 2023 and introduce each of the 24 BRIT Ambassadors or leading Disability/Inclusion Campaigners.

British Designers would be encouraged to pledge the proceeds of their outfit to BRIT in 2023.



Destigmatise Mental Health, Disability & Body Image and champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

- 2024*


British Designers will be invited to partner/work with a BRIT Ambassador, or leading Disability/Inclusion Campaigner, to create a bespoke outfit that is designed to accommodate the medical condition, disability, or physical challenges, faced in their day to day life; this will be a campaign and initiative to destigmatise mental health, body image, and promote disability inclusion, with the individual and outfit celebrated on the Designer’s website.

*British Designers will be asked to ensure their bespoke outfit/fashion accessory is ready for June 2024.


This will ensure that the Designer can collaborate with the BRIT Ambassador/Campaigner throughout the Spring of 2024 to create the outfit, photograph the individual with their creation in June 2024, and they can be ready to share the imagery with our Exclusive British Fashion Media Partner in July for inclusion in the October edition (which will need to be ready in July 2024).



Fashion Industry Legacy - 2025*


British Designers will be invited to encourage students who are studying fashion and design at universities and colleges (they may like to choose which institution that is) to celebrate inclusivity, body image, and disability, with a brief to create their own design. Each university/college will be requested to hold an internal annual inclusive competition and put forward one design that will be showcased at an event or venue where the fashion industry gathers each year (for example; London Fashion Week or a bespoke British Fashion Designer’s Event).


The intent, with a dynamic communications plan, is for British Designers to come together and assist in creating a legacy event that has a lasting impact by showing their collective support to changing perceptions of mental health, disability and body image.

*Post-Media launch in the October Edition of our British Fashion Media Partner's Magazine, we will invite the 24 British Designers, the 24 BRIT Ambassadors or Disability/Inclusion Campaigners, and representatives from UK Universities and Colleges that teach Fashion and Design, to a Reception to celebrate BRIT Fashion.

The 24 British Designers will then be asked to visit the University or College of their choice, in the Winter of 2024/Spring of 2025, and share the story of their collaboration and design.

The reception will launch the invitation for students to enter an annual BRIT Fashion Competition to encourage and champion inclusivity. The winning design from each institution will be showcased at a fashion industry event (TBC).

In 2025, the 24 British Designers will be encouraged to either continue a further 3-Year Pledge or pass on the opportunity for a new British Designer to pledge their support in a new 3-year BRIT Fashion cycle.

Phil Packer

Founder and Non-Paid Chief Executive

The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT)


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