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Communications and Creative Marketing Campaign


Filming and Documentary Storytelling

Introductory Film



Teralon have kindly agreed to gift their professional services to film an Introductory Short Film featuring Laura Green, Helene Raynsford and Phil, our Founder and Non-Paid Chief Executive, that will be shared with every British Designer and Inspirational BRIT Ambassador and leading Disability/Inclusivity Campaigner. 

This BRIT Fashion Introductory Short Film will explain;

  • The aims of BRIT Fashion (Phil).

  • A Designer's Involvement and Pledge (Laura).

  • An Inspirational BRIT Ambassador's Involvement and message about Inclusivity and Lived Experience (Helene).


We are sincerely grateful to Julian Wakefield, Director, and Guy Ellis, Director, and the Teralon Team for their kindness and generosity to support BRIT Fashion.

Documentary Film


We believe that there is scope to create a behind the scenes documentary film (including early footage from Teralon) of how we hope to engage 24 British Designers to be part of our BRIT Fashion initiative. This must have evidence of the challenges around destigmatising mental health, inclusivity, body image, disability, and some inspiring messages from key influencers in the Fashion Industry. It would also need to allude to changing perceptions and how together we want to create a legacy and lasting change.

BRIT would consider engaging with a Media Channel such as Channel 4 or Netflix.


Involving students in the filming of the partnering/mentoring stories, and the creation of the fashion, would ensure young people are the heart of the initiative. BRIT has a very strong relationship with Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) who have resources at Pinewood Studios and could be approached on this project.


 BRIT can also engage with Colleges of Fashion around the UK and the Designer's former university or college.


The generosity of British Designers, by donating proceeds from the sale of an outfit for a three-year tenure, would also undoubtedly inspire the young adults we are determined to support. British Designers sharing why young adult mental health matters to them would also be a powerful and positive message.

Social Media


The collective impact that British Designers would have has tremendous potential; especially through a UK-wide Social Media campaign that is supported by them as a BRIT Fashion Industry Family. 


The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) could host accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, or alternatively, just use a hashtag.


(For Example; TikTok – BRITInspirationalFashion & Instagram – BRITInspirationalFashion 


There is flexibility to design a campaign, and movement, that each British Designer is comfortable with to ensure their brand is protected.


If BRIT do host on Social Media Platforms, we would need support. This could be a student led project supported by a Fashion Industry Marketing Agency; such as LABEL PR, Alioze, SUM, or Socially Powerful, and assisted by each Designer’s Comms and Marketing Team.  We would ask the Marketing Agency to gift their support to BRIT and the BRIT Fashion Project.

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