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Timings and Launch

There is flexibility to ensure that British Designers are not put under pressure and are given time to consider the invitation, create their designs, and decide on which institution they would like to engage with to inspire student involvement.




The first challenge is to invite British Designers to support BRIT Fashion.


24 Designers would fit with the BRIT Challenge theme of “24” for 2024.

Our aspiration is to secure the support of 24 British Designers by the end of 2023 and introduce each of the 24 BRIT Ambassadors or leading Disability/Inclusion Campaigners.

British Designers would be encouraged to pledge the proceeds of their outfit to BRIT in 2023.


2024 (January to July)

British Designers will be asked to ensure their bespoke outfit/fashion accessory is ready for June 2024.


This will ensure that the Designer can collaborate with the BRIT Ambassador/Campaigner throughout the Spring of 2024 to create the outfit, photograph the individual with their creation in June 2024, and they can be ready to share the imagery with our Exclusive British Fashion Media Partner in July 2024 for inclusion in the October edition (which will need to be ready in July 2024).

*Post-Media launch in the October Edition of our British Fashion Media Partner's Magazine, we will invite the 24 British Designers, the 24 BRIT Ambassadors or Disability/Inclusion Campaigners, and representatives from UK Universities and Colleges that teach Fashion and Design, to a Reception in late September 2024 to celebrate BRIT Fashion.

2024 (The Announcement and Launch)


The announcement of 24 Pledges from British Designers in 2023/4 to provide vital funds for BRIT to deliver the BRIT Challenge in 2024/5/6 would be part of the headline.


If we can offer a venue, a group photograph of those 24 Designers, with the BRIT Ambassadors or Disability/Inclusion Campaigners wearing their outfits/clothing/accessories, would undoubtedly create interest in the British Fashion Industry, National Media, and with Universities and Colleges.


The 24 British Designers will then be asked to visit the University or College of their choice, in the Winter of 2024/Spring of 2025, and share the story of their collaboration and design.

The reception will launch the invitation for students to enter an annual BRIT Fashion Competition to encourage and champion inclusivity. The winning design from each institution will be showcased at a fashion industry event (TBC)*

*Guidance would be needed to clarify a date that is achievable for all the British Designers supporting BRIT Fashion and for the institutions to hold internal competitions for their students.


In 2025, the 24 British Designers will be encouraged to either continue a further 3-Year Pledge or pass on the opportunity for a new British Designer to pledge their support in a new 3-year BRIT Fashion cycle.

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