BRIT continues to operate with minimal overheads. Your funding will allow us to work with our Young People, Charity Partners and Advisors in our vision to support young people and students who are facing adversity and struggling to cope with mental health difficulties.

We would delighted for corporations and philanthropists to pledge funds or professional services and enable us to deliver our support, events and help to deliver the greatest impact for our partner charities.


We work with minimal staff & overheads and therefore do not have the capacity to actively campaign for public donations.


Support from the public through personal donations is a tremendous help and enables us to continue our work to support young people facing trauma and adversity in their lives.


Your kindness and generosity is sincerely appreciated and we value your support immensely.


“This is a really worthwhile initiative, launched by someone who knows what it's like to be in the darkest part of the tunnel. But as he has proved so spectacularly, there is light at the end of that tunnel and it’s well worth fighting for. I look forward to meeting some of you and sharing experiences as the Trust gathers speed.”


“I’m honoured to be a mentor of BRIT. Not only is BRIT a great concept, under Phil’s guidance, it will undoubtedly achieve everything it sets out to do. Young people are our future, and there is nothing sadder than seeing a young person, with so much potential ahead of them, but lacking the inspiration and guidance to blossom into a fully contributing member of our society. I’ve seen firsthand the power of inspiration and how it changes lives for the better. BRIT will bring structure where there currently is none to coordinate these life changing opportunities on a national scale.”


There are times in all our lives when we need inspiration and support.


I applaud Phil and the British Inspiration Trust for trying to deliver vital support to young people at some of the most difficult times in their lives.


“BRIT is a fantastic, and more importantly a necessary, organisation, they provide support and help for those who so desperately need it. I am behind BRIT 100% and their vital work never fails to amaze and inspire me’.”