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National Fire Chief's Council partner with Row Britannia

Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK are integral and vital to our communities. They provide life saving advice and support to students through fire safety visits to universities and colleges. Firefighters also understand the importance of mental health, fitness and wellbeing.

We are delighted that Roy Wilsher, Chair of The National Fire Chief's Council, is going to invite every Fire & Rescue Service in the UK to either complete their own fundraising activity for Sport Relief or support their local university or college in their efforts to fundraise for Sport Relief.

"NFCC have made UK Fire and Rescue Services aware of the Row Britannia event as we want to give them the opportunity to support colleges and universities in their areas. NFCC know only too well the importance of mental health, so anything we can do to help young people now can only benefit us all in the future. NFCC welcome the opportunity for wider engagement, to deliver a greater understanding of mental health and support our universities and colleges.  Good luck to Fire Services as they Row Britannia”.​

Roy Wilsher

Chair of NFCC

The National Fire Chief's Council partners with Row Britannia


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