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Olympian, Rebecca Adlington OBE, joins the BRIT Ambassador family & supports the BRIT 2021 challenge

We are thrilled that Olympian, Rebecca Adlington OBE, has joined our BRIT Ambassador family and is championing the BRIT 2021 Challenge.

Rebecca is a British former competitive swimmer who specialised in freestyle events in international competition. She won two gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the 400-metre freestyle and 800-metre freestyle, breaking the 19-year-old world record in the 800-metre final. Rebecca was Britain's first Olympic swimming champion since 1988, and the first British swimmer to win two Olympic gold medals since 1908. After winning her first World Championship gold over 800 metres in 2011, along with silver in the 400 metres at the same meet, she won bronze medals in both the women's 400-metre and 800-metre freestyle events in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Since retiring from competition, Rebecca has worked as a Sports Presenter with the BBC.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is adding to the mental health challenges that young adults face; including feelings of isolation and loneliness. I wholeheartedly support the BRIT vision to support young adult mental health and am inspired by their BRIT 2021 Challenge to improve young adult mental health and raise vital funds for charities that deliver vital support.

The Call to Action for retired and current Olympians, Paralympians and Sporting Figures to join BRIT as Ambassadors and champion the BRIT 2021 Challenge is exciting. The ask is a simple one; to encourage, enthuse and inspire young adults and students to participate in the BRIT 2021 Challenge and improve their mental health and fitness; all whilst raising vital funds for mental health charities.

BRIT Ambassadors can choose a university or college to visit during the BRIT 2021 Challenge and if COVID-19 restrictions are in place, send a video message of support on social media. I am thrilled that swimming is one of the ways to take part and add miles to a team’s BRIT 2,021mile Challenge target.

I hope that British Sporting Icons throughout the UK will champion BRIT and unite in support of young adult mental health.”

Rebecca Adlington OBE

Olympic Gold Medallist and Sports Presenter

Rebecca Adlington OBE


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