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Thank you to The Nightline Association for partnering with BRIT for the BRIT 2021 Challenge

We were delighted to partner with The Nightline Association this year who were one of five charities benefiting from funds raised by university and college teams taking part in the BRIT 2021 Challenge.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students and staff, the majority of whom were taking part at home and away from their campuses, 85 university and college teams took on the BRIT 2021 Challenge.

We know fundraising was extremely difficult this year and appreciate the efforts of every student and staff member who raised vital funds for our charity partners, including The Nightline Association.

The annual BRIT Challenge is delivered to support and improve the mental health and fitness of young adults throughout the UK; by taking part in the BRIT 2021 Challenge, every student and staff member has also been raising awareness of The Nightline Association and the extraordinary support they provide to students.

Nightline is a listening, emotional support, information and supplies service, run by students for students. Nightlines are open at night, run by trained, caring, fellow student volunteers. Nightline can be contacted by phone, face to face, by email or by online chat. There are Nightline services at many universities around the UK and elsewhere.

The Nightline Association is the international umbrella charity for university Nightline services. It supports its members and their mission is to raise the quality, profile and number of Nightline services so that every student is aware of and has access to confidential emotional peer support.

The Nightline Association are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. We therefore hope that the BRIT 2021 Challenge promoted the support they offer to students at universities throughout the UK. For more information on Nightline 50 and their legacy, please visit;

We are most grateful to Emily Wheeler, Chair of The Nightline Association, for all her help and support to enter into a partnership with the British Inspiration Trust, and to Sam Donnelly, Head of Communications at The Nightline Association, Salome Jefferson, a Volunteer Community Fundraiser at The Nightline Association, and all the Volunteers at Nightlines throughout the UK, for using their extensive network to champion the BRIT 2021 Challenge so that students throughout the UK were aware of the opportunity to register teams and take part.

Prior to the launch of the BRIT 2021 Challenge, Emily said;

"We are very excited to be working with The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT), as we mark 50 years since the first Nightline opened, and to champion the BRIT 2021 Challenge alongside the other supported charities. Working together is more crucial now than ever before, and we hope this partnership will demonstrate the vital importance of collaboration in the support of young people's mental health.

There are currently 39 student run Nightlines around the UK and ROI, giving over 1.6million students access to our non-judgemental, confidential, non-directive listening and information service throughout the night. During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic we have already seen 1 in 6 calls wanting to discuss loneliness, triple our previous rates, and a 20% increase in calls discussing academic stress or related issues, double that we normally receive; we must continue to meet this demand. The funds we receive through the BRIT 2021 Challenge will help deliver this vital support and services to students.”

Emily Wheeler


The Nightline Foundation

Emily Wheeler - Chair of The Nightline Association

For more information on the Nightline Association and how to support, volunteer or set up a Nightline, please visit;

We look forward to maintaining a special relationship between our two charities.


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