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The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) and Climbing Out continue to forge a special relationship

We are thrilled that Kelda Wood MBE, Founder and Director of Climbing Out, is continuing to forge a special relationship between our charities and we are delighted to champion their tremendous work to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and motivation for people facing life-changing injury, illness or trauma.

The annual BRIT Challenge is delivered to support and improve young adult mental health throughout the UK. Every university, college, specialist college and Students' Union are invited to enter teams in our feel-good February fundraiser and complete 2,022 miles in 2022. Teams are encouraged to choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, in order to support local, regional and national charities throughout the UK. The next BRIT Challenge will take place between 1st February and 3rd March 2022 (University Mental Health Day).

Through the delivery of their programmes, Climbing Out offers a wide range of outdoor activities including climbing, gorge scrambling, kayaking, hill walking, abseiling and raft building. All the activities are adapted to meet the needs and capabilities of individual participants. The 5 day programmes then combine the activities with mental resilience coaching to give participants the tools to accept the past, move forwards in life and deal with challenges they may face in the future.

The social element of the programmes has also proved to be incredibly important, providing the participants with the chance to socialise and build a long-term network of friendship and support.

Their programmes offer support to a wide range of people including;

Members of the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services

Individuals going through abuse or bullying

People with acquired disabilities

Members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (including Veterans)

Survivors of terrorism or crime

Members of the NHS

Those suffering with PTSD

Cancer Survivors

The programmes are fully funded and available to anyone aged 18yrs and over who’s been through a life changing injury, illness or trauma.

We are honoured to have a special relationship with Climbing Out.

“We are extremely proud of the special relationship that is being forged between Climbing Out and The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT). Both charities are delighted to be supporting each other’s vital work. Our mission is to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and motivation in anyone aged 18 or over who has been through a mental or physical trauma. We do this with a mix of outdoor activities and mental resilience coaching, which helps participants to accept what has happened in the past and start to find a new way forward. BRIT understands what we are striving to achieve and through our special relationship and proactive collaboration, we are thrilled that they will promote and champion Climbing Out so that students and young adults, at university or college, who have acquired disabilities, are going through abuse or bullying, are cancer survivors, suffering with PTSD or any other life-changing injury, illness or trauma, are aware of the opportunity to attend our outdoor programmes. I hope that universities and colleges entering teams in the BRIT Challenge will chose Climbing Out as their second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT. Funds raised for Climbing Out will enable us to continue to deliver our life-changing programmes.” Kelda Wood MBE Founder Climbing Out

Kelda Wood MBE - Founder and Director of Climbing Out

For more information on Climbing Out, please visit their website.


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