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The Committee of University Chairs takes on the challenge

We have challenged the 135 University Chairs to secure pledges of £12,000 by inviting and encouraging businesses to support our collaboration of mental health charities. Following an invitation to address their conference at The Royal Society in London, every University Chair has been invited to support Row Britannia and if they all secure their pledge targets by 13th March 2020, they would raise over £1.5m for our partner charities.

“The Committee of University Chairs supports the aims of Row Britannia - to be an inclusive, UK-wide, mental health, fitness and wellbeing event for the benefit of students, staff and the wider community.  I encourage every University Chair to work with their Vice-Chancellors, and with local College Principles, to engage with this challenge, and to invite and encourage local businesses and partners within their communities to pledge their support and involvement”.

Chris Sayers


Committee of University Chairs

Chris Sayers, Chair of the Committee of University Chairs, champions Row Britannia and invites the 135 University Chairs to take on the challenge of securing pledges


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