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Pembrokeshire College embraces and champions the BRIT 2021 Challenge

We are delighted that Pembrokeshire College are taking on the BRIT 2021 challenge and encouraging every Welsh college to join them and enter teams to support and improve young adult mental health.

Having visited Pembrokeshire College as part of our BRIT 2012 Challenge, we were thrilled when Andrew Desborough, Military Preparation Lecturer at Pembrokeshire College, wrote to our Founder, Phil, and invited him to give a talk to their students. Phil updated Andrew with details of our latest BRIT 2021 Challenge, invited the college to enter a team and offered to deliver a talk to students and staff in order to encourage them to embrace the challenge and take part.

We are sincerely grateful to Andrew and to Charlie Royal, Marketing Services Manager at Pembrokeshire College, and Dr Barry Walters, the Principal of Pembrokeshire College, for entering a Pembrokeshire College team in the BRIT 2021 Challenge, championing the challenge in Wales and encouraging every Welsh college to join them and enter teams.

"Pembrokeshire College is delighted to be part of the BRIT 2021 Challenge and has adopted a whole College approach to supporting it. The mental health of our young people is of vital importance and is something that we are passionate about raising awareness of and supporting in whatever way we can.

As the first college in Wales to sign up to BRIT 2021 we are committed to completing the challenge of cycling, wheelchair pushing, swimming, walking, jogging, running, rowing or paddling the 2021 miles and are keen to spread the word beyond Pembrokeshire encouraging other Welsh colleges to take on the challenge.

We have already assembled several staff and student teams under the College’s overarching entry and are looking forward to recording mileage, getting out and about and improving our own wellbeing whilst raising vital funds to support young adult mental health."

Dr Barry Walters


Pembrokeshire College

Dr Barry Walters - Principal at Pembrokeshire College

Andrew is Course Tutor for Pembrokeshire College's Military Preparation Course and has been integral to encouraging the college to both embrace the BRIT 2021 Challenge and encourage other Welsh colleges to enter teams.

“As Course Tutor for a Military Preparation Course at Pembrokeshire College, I’ve gained plenty of experience of the teaching and learning challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, ‘lockdowns’ have compounded mental health challenges for many people; increasing feelings of anxiety, isolation and fear. I see the BRIT 2021 Challenge as a fantastic opportunity for our learner and staff community to work together to improve not only their physical health but also their mental health.

“Despite the hopeful future, there’s still uncertainty of what 2021 will bring, and this feel-good fundraising event will definitely provide an opportunity for our College community to work together in an exciting and inclusive initiative. It has already brought together both current and former learners in combined teams; motivating each other and working together for a greater good.

“We’ve thoroughly embraced the BRIT 2021 Challenge so that Pembrokeshire College can contribute to raising vital funds for mental health charities.”

Andrew Desborough

Military Preparation Lecturer

Pembrokeshire College

Andrew Desborough - Military Preparation Lecturer at Pembrokeshire College

We are absolutely delighted that both students and staff at Pembrokeshire College will be taking part as a way of improving and supporting young adult mental health and fitness.

“Being inspired to do a challenge is one thing but being a part of a family is something so much better. Being in Pembrokeshire College and studying on the Military Preparation course has not only helped, but has sculpted me into someone who is a lot happier in herself and pushes to succeed in later life.

I struggled awfully bad, but two years of a character-building course and team work efforts, and my confidence and communication skills have improved massively. The friends I have made and the people I have met are the greatest. From serving soldiers to veterans that have given it their all, they are positively inspiring and encourage more and more to take an interest whether it’s engineering to signalling or maybe even policing.

Pembrokeshire College itself has publicised mental health awareness throughout the whole of the college from bathrooms to classrooms even bulletin boards. But not only do they plaster it throughout college but even send routine emails to peers giving them the right information needed to speak to someone.

The British Inspiration Trust's hard efforts to support and improve not only adolescent mental health but also pensioners in the UK through their BRIT 2021 Challenge, because it encourages camaraderie of the group to unite with people, as a team, to improve their mental health and fitness.”


Military Preparation Learner

Caitlin - Military Preparation Learner - Pembrokeshire College

We wish every student and staff member at Pembrokeshire College the very best of luck as they take on their BRIT 2021 Challenge. Thank you for all your support!


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