The primary focus of BRIT is to collaborate with mental health charities and partner organisations in order to engage and support the HE and FE Sector so that we can help others, create wider engagement and deliver greater understanding of mental health issues, adversity, psychological trauma and wellbeing.




Our ethos is to operate with minimal overheads and operational costs. We rely on gifted support from partner organisations and volunteers.  Corporations and philanthropists who understand our ethos provide gifted professional services or fund our operational costs. This support enables our BRIT Challenges to  have the greatest possible impact.





The strengths of our vision, strategy and UK-wide BRIT Challenges to support young adult mental health are shaped and underpinned through the gifted support of 

senior advisors, charity partners, business leaders, philanthropists and inspirational 



Our vision is to unite Sport and Education Governing Bodies, Institutions, Businesses, Philanthropists and Inspirational Figures through a collectively powerful approach to support young adult mental health.



In 2018/9, 82,000 students in UK universities reported that they had a mental health problem.

*Higher Education Statistics Agency.


21.5% of students have a current mental health diagnosis.



*University Student Mental Health Survey 2018.


33.9% of students have experienced a serious psychological issue for which they felt they needed professional help.

*University Student Mental 

Health Survey 2018.


There were 95 suicides among higher education students in England and Wales between July 2016 and July 2017. 

*Office for 

National Statistics.


Addressing and improving mental health, fitness and wellbeing is a priority throughout the UK. By ensuring mental health is treated as a societal concern, we can encourage early intervention and action. 


We passionately believe in the power of collaboration to deliver more effectively and maximise impact. We need to bring organisations together, through a collectively powerful approach, and intervene early at a critical transition point in young people’s lives to avoid long-term risks.  If we do not, there will be far-reaching consequences for the next generation. 


The challenges experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly compound the current mental health difficulties experienced by young adults and the wider community.


We need to act now, together, to ensure our mental health charity partners can deliver the support required to young adults at this critical time.

BRIT - Advisor - Permission Granted - Pr

“BRIT continues to seek advice from subject matter experts and leaders to ensure the charity remains relevant and presents the strongest case possible for the need to support young adult mental health. I fully support their vision to partner with education, sport and charity partners and deliver an annual UK-wide event to improve young adult mental health and fitness.


I am enthused by BRIT’s UK-wide approach of engaging every university and college to ensure students (and staff) have the opportunity to participate in their inclusive annual BRIT Challenge. Groups who were already marginalised or disadvantaged are now likely to become more so and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to create significant lifestyle challenges in education, activity and socialising that will contribute to the mental health challenges faced by young adults.  I urge Vice-Chancellors and Principals to embrace this campaign and event that complements their existing student support and will both raise vital funds and improve young adult mental health and fitness.”


Professor Peter Fonagy OBE FMedSci FBA FAcSS
Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Director, UCLPartners Mental Health and Behaviour Change Programme
Chief Executive, Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families

National Clinical Advisor on Children’s Mental Health, NHS England

University College London


We know Mental Health affects relationships, wellbeing and determines how students learn, and their productivity. It can make them feel that they have little to offer other people and erode self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.


It is recognised that transitions increase vulnerability to mental health difficulties.


Many who experience depression, anxiety and mental health difficulties can isolate themselves from friends and family, and mental health can be particularly isolating for people with disabilities.


Despite the surge in the numbers of students asking for support, it is likely that there are many others in clinical need who are not seeking treatment because of stigma or problems with access to care.


The wider crisis in young adult mental health is reflected in our universities with students dropping out with mental health problems and, tragically, an increase in student suicides.

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"I founded BRIT to support and improve young adult mental health and fitness throughout the UK with the advice and guidance from over 50 Charity Chief Executives and the tremendous support from inspirational high profile figures.  To reduce high overheads and administrative costs, BRIT does not employ staff and relies on voluntary support, gifted professional services, donations and sponsorship. Inspirational Ambassadors and Advisors continue to champion our work and whilst this strengthens our UK-wide impact, corporate support, sponsorship and donations enable our work to continue.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in young adult mental health difficulties which are being compounded by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. If there was ever a time for charities, governing bodies, institutions, businesses and philanthropists to collaborate, it is now.  


I believe that to successfully improve the mental health and fitness of young adults throughout the UK at a critical time in their lives, we have to take a collectively powerful approach. We are doing this through the delivery of the  annual BRIT Challenge as a UK-wide inclusive feel good February fundraiser.  Every university, college specialist colleges and Students' Union are invited to enter teams to both improve young adult mental health and raise vital funds. To grow, and strengthen, the BRIT Challenge requires support from across the Education, Sport and Charity sectors and I am thrilled that this support is growing."

Phil Packer 

Founder and Non-Paid Chief Executive

The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT)


This collaborative strategy will further enable our delivery of support to young adult mental health and help our partner mental health charities to provide vital mental health services to all young adults in the UK who need their support.