Our aspiration is to grow our Ambassador Family and ensure our BRIT Ambassadors know their support is appreciated and that they feel part of something special.

Our Ambassadors often share personal experiences of their challenges and mental health difficulties; this can, at times, trigger a wealth of emotions and we believe they should also feel able to seek support and receive up to date information and appropriate signposting.


With funding and sponsorship, our aim is for our Ambassadorial Support to be coordinated by a number of Senior Advisors from Paralympic, Olympic and Sporting Communities. 


We are requesting the support of British Sporting Icons to join us as BRIT Ambassadors in order to improve and support young adult mental health and fitness throughout the UK by delivering inspiration and encouragement

to students and staff. 

BRIT Ambassadors identify a university or college of their choice (that they attended, have links with or live near to) and support their annual BRIT Challenge efforts.  If they are unable to visit the university or college due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are encouraging our BRIT Ambassadors to record a video message and support students on social media.  We will help with the messaging and introduce our BRIT Ambassadors to their chosen univeristy or college. 


These Ambassadors can support us through either their own social media accounts and/or through national and regional media with quotes championing our work.  Often this is coordinated by the university or college to bring greater awareness to our campaign and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.


There are 450 universities and colleges in the UK and our aspiration is to deliver inspiration to the young adults at every institution that participates in our BRIT Challenges. During this year's BRIT 2021 Challenge, 140 Olympians, Paralympians, Sports Personalities, Adventurers and Explorers joined our BRIT Ambassador family. Please join us as a BRIT Ambassador to improve and support young adult mental health.

“The work being undertaken by the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) to improve the mental health and fitness of young adults throughout the UK is truly commendable.

The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly compounding existing mental health challenges faced by young adults and the support BRIT can offer those in difficulty is invaluable.

I am encouraged that so many current and retired Olympians and Paralympians are joining BRIT as ambassadors ; they will undoubtedly inspire and encourage young adult participation in the BRIT 2021 Challenge".

Sir Hugh Robertson KCMG PC DL


British Olympic Association


The inspirational figures who join us as BRIT Ambassadors are retired or current Olympians, Paralympians, Adventurers, Explorers and Sports Personalities; many of whom have faced mental health challenges in their own lives.

When many Sporting Icons retire, it can often be a challenging transition as they adjust to life post-competition; particularly if they have faced injuries or difficulties when they do not have their support team around them. These extraordinary people often have to find new careers and live completely different lives away from sports they have given years of sacrifice to.  Active and competing Inspirational Figures also often face mental health challenges in their lives and throughout careers.


All our Ambassadors have an appreciation and understanding of the many mental health challenges faced by young adults.






Since the very beginning of the British Inspiration Trust’s journey, our work has been championed by inspirational figures and sporting icons who understand the challenges, trauma and adversity that young adults face in their lives.

By joining us as BRIT Ambassadors, British Sporting Icons are providing immeasurable encouragement and inspiration to young adults throughout the UK.  Our BRIT Ambassadors champion our challenges, inspire young adults to improve their mental health and fitness, increase awareness, maximise participation and thank teams for their fundraising efforts.  


BRIT Ambassadors are encouraged to visit universities and colleges during our challenges; however, if COVID-19 restrictions are in place, they will be providing video messages and support to students and young adults through social media.  


BRIT Ambassadors support our vision to improve young adult mental health and fitness by encouraging and inspiring students and young adults to participate in our annual BRIT Challenges.

BRIT Ambassadors are integral to our vision and at the very heart of all we are aspiring to achieve.  Our inspirational Ambassadors have championed our events by conducting media interviews to raise awareness, providing video messages for young adults and visiting universities and colleges during BRIT’s annual UK-wide fundraising challenges.  They spend time with students and young adults in order to encourage, enthuse and inspire them to both improve and look after their mental health and fitness.  

Our BRIT Ambassador family continues to grow as British Sporting Icons encourage their fellow athletes, teammates and friends to join them.  

The "inspiration" in The British Inspiration Trust is our BRIT Ambassadors.