“Phil’s British Inspiration Trust is visionary; I know Phil needs Inspirational Figures to step forward. The more that volunteer, the more impact we will have to enthuse the next generation. I stand by Phil; I urge others to join the BRIT family” 


“BRIT is an inspirational title from one of the most inspirational people I have ever interviewed in thirty years of journalism. Phil Packer is no ordinary man but he and The British Inspiration Trust know how to get the best out of ordinary young people at a time when the cards are stacked against them. I am a great believer in having ambition, and more importantly in fulfilling ambition. That needs belief, it needs faith and it needs something like BRIT to help bring it about. I’m proud to be part of the vision.”


“Phil Packer is an inspiring individual who hopes to share that drive, passion, ambition and inspiration with others through BRIT. We should be very proud of all that Phil has already achieved and for all that BRIT will achieve.”


“We all remember someone who encouraged and inspired us to do more with our lives. BRIT will be that 'someone' for Young People facing Adversity who desperately need to feel that they can be more than their circumstances have allowed. As a Speaker I regularly tell people "It's not what you do, it's what you inspire others to do" - so when Phil invited me to be part of this incredible incentive I couldn't say no, and I have to thank BRIT for allowing me to continue to do that. So, please support the Trust and know that in doing so, you will give Young People facing Adversity confidence, motivation and an experience that will last a lifetime.”