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BRIT is a collaborative charity and at the heart of all we do is our vision to;

  • Improve and support student and staff wellbeing.

  • Inspire volunteering and fundraising.

  • Destigmatise mental health.

  • Champion equality, diversity, and inclusion.

UK universities, colleges, specialist colleges and Students' Unions are invited to unite with us and hold their own inclusive BRIT Challenge to improve mental health and fitness, all whilst raising funds for BRIT, and in 2024, the opportunity to choose another charity to support alongside BRIT. This collectively powerful approach is integral to our work to support young adult, student, and staff, mental health in the short, medium and long-term.


To enable us to deliver inspiration and encouragement to young adults and students who take part in their university or college BRIT Challenge, we are thrilled that Paralympians, Olympians, sports personalities, adventures and explorers are joining our BRIT Ambassador family to encourage participation, destigmatise mental health and champion equality, diversity and inclusion. 

The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) exists to support and improve the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults, students, and staff, throughout the UK.


BRIT aspires be an integral part of sustained change within the Education Sector, and we will continue to act as both an enabler and offer the BRIT Challenge as a catalyst to improve mental health, fitness, and wellbeing.  

Phil Packer - BRIT Profile.jpg

"The BRIT ethos is to be a collaborative charity and we are determined to drive change to; 


  • Improve the wellbeing of students and staff of all abilities.​

  • Champion inclusion.​

  • Complement existing University, College, Specialist College, and SU, Health and Wellbeing Strategies.​

  • Inspire volunteering and fundraising throughout the UK and assist with social good.


The BRIT Challenge has continued to evolve by listening to, and engaging with, students and staff throughout the UK. By providing flexibility we are enabling every institution and SU to decide; 


When they take part (within the annual two-month BRIT Challenge window).​

  • What inclusive wellbeing activities they will offer to engage students and staff of all abilities.

  • Who (local, regional, and national charities) they raise funds for, alongside BRIT.​​

  • How they can connect with, and contribute to the health, wellbeing, and sustainability, of the wider community (Volunteering and Acts of Kindness in the community).


With so many competing priorities for Vice Chancellors, College Principals, and SU Sabbatical Officers, the BRIT Challenge must have an attractive proposition for Leadership Teams that; has the ability to assist with their Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategies; is an opportunity to measure impact (on both social good and improving student and staff wellbeing and personal development) that can be useful evidence both internally and externally. 


Year on Year we have seen an increase in participation; over 530 universities and colleges have embraced the BRIT Challenge.  We have adopted a collectively powerful approach to supporting young adult, student, and staff, mental health by forging special relationships and partnerships with charities and national governing bodies in the education and sport sectors. 


Thank you so much to everyone who has supported BRIT and enabled us to grow as a charity and continue to have a positive impact on the lives of young adults, students, and staff, throughout the UK."


Phil Packer

Founder and Non-Paid CEO

The British Inspiration Trust

Donate to the

British Inspiration Trust (BRIT)

​By supporting BRIT you will enable us to improve the mental health and fitness of young adults throughout the UK and deliver the annual BRIT Challenge.


The next BRIT Challenge will take place between 25th January 2025 and 25th March 2025.


The BRIT Challenge is an inclusive feel-good fundraiser to improve mental health and fitness, all whilst raising vital funds for local, regional and national charities, alongside BRIT.


Every UK university, college, specialist college and Students' Union are invited to register to take part, enter teams, and support student and staff participation, both on campus or at home.  


The theme of 25 for the BRIT Challenge in 2025


BRIT will share the many innovative ways that institutions are participating in order to inspire other universities and colleges to embrace the BRIT Challenge. For example, in 2024, many institutions  completed 24 Acts of Kindness in Community alongside both fundraising activity and engaging students and staff in a wide range of 24 inclusive wellbeing activities that were delivered over 24 days (many universities took part between the 1st and 24th March 2024 to embrace University Mental Health Day).


In 2025, many universities, colleges, and their Students' Unions/Associations, are intending to deliver their BRIT Challenge activities by splitting them into three separate areas;


  • ​25 Inclusive Wellbeing Activities (split across the institution with, for example, Sport and Active Wellbeing delivering 5 activities, the Students' Union delivering 5 activities, Student Services/Wellbeing delivering 5 activities, and other departments/faculties/campuses delivering the remaining 10 activities.


  • 25 Acts of Kindness in the Community (Leadership Teams and Students' Unions are asking departments and course representatives to come up with 25 Acts of Kindness in the community and promoting the opportunity to volunteer and participate with their students and staff.


  • Setting a fundraising target to raise funds for BRIT and a local, regional, or national, charity (Perhaps £2500 for smaller institutions and £25,000 for larger institutions). Many are asking Leadership Teams to host business leaders or approach contractors on campus, local businesses, and local employers, to match fund or support them by donating around the theme of 25 (£250 or £2500).


Delivering a UK-wide annual inclusive feelgood fundraiser


We would, of course, be delighted if universities and colleges raise funds for BRIT as this will enable us to continue to deliver the annual BRIT Challenge and have an even greater impact on supporting and improving young adult, student and staff mental health and wellbeing.


As a collaborative charity, we are also inviting every university and college team taking part in the BRIT Challenge to consider choose second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, to support local, regional and national charities.


There are very few Fundraising Platforms in the UK that allow donations to be split equally between two charities.  We are sincerely grateful to GiveStar who are delivering this fundraising capability so that universities and colleges can choose one of twelve charities, that we work closely with, to raise funds for, alongside BRIT.


These were our 12 charity partners in 2023 that universities and colleges were encouraged to support as they took on their BRIT Challenge;

Permission Granted - Dame Katherine Grai

"The need to support young adults facing trauma and adversity, both physical and mental, is critical; particularly with the impact of COVID-19 compounding existing mental health difficulties.


BRIT has an inspiring vision and I applaud their collaborative strategy to partner with sport and education partners. Through the BRIT Challenge, there is clear potential to engage hundreds of thousands of students and significantly improve young adult mental health and fitness.


At a time when restrictions are affecting many team and sport activities, the BRIT Challenge is an inspirational feelgood fundraising opportunity for young adults to take part safely, on campus or at home, by following guidance from their university or college and of course, COVID-19 Government guidelines.


I hope, wherever possible, the BRIT Challenge can be encouraged, embraced and enjoyed!"


Dame Katherine Grainger DBE


By inviting every UK university and college to encourage their students and staff to participate, we aim to support and improve the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of young adults, students, and staff;


  • Uniting the Higher Education, Colleges in Scotland, Further Education, and Specialist College, Sectors through a UK-wide inclusive annual BRIT Challenge 

  • Delivering inspiration through our BRIT Ambassador Family

  • Offering the BRIT Challenge as a UK-wide inclusive feel-good fundraiser and inviting teams to choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, to support local, regional and national charities.

We will achieve this through three aims;



Uniting the HE and FE Sector through a UK-wide inclusive BRIT Challenge 

The annual inclusive BRIT Challenge is flexible to enable universities, colleges, specialist colleges, and Students' Unions, to participate in ways that suit them best and for students and staff of all abilities to take part. The BRIT Challenge encourages the delivery of wide range of inclusive wellbeing activities, volunteering and Acts of Kindness in the Community, and fundraising for charitable causes, alongside BRIT.


Delivering inspiration through British Sporting Icons

Olympians, Paralympians, sports personalities, elite athletes, adventurers, and explorers, will be invited to join us as BRIT Ambassadors and choose a university, college, or specialist college, to visit during the annual BRIT Challenge. They will be asked to encourage, enthuse and inspire students and staff to take on the annual BRIT Challenge, champion inclusion and resilience, and help destigmatise mental health.


Raise funds for a second charity of your choice, alongside BRIT

BRIT is a collaborative charity and we are inviting every UK university, college, specialist college, and Students' Union, to unite and use the annual BRIT Challenge as a platform and opportunity to choose a second charity to raise funds for, alongside BRIT, to support local, regional and national charities. We encourage a whole university or college approach to fundraising; inviting communities, businesses and alumna networks to donate.


We are sincerely grateful to the Education and Sport Governing Bodies and Mental Health Charities who are continuing to unite and partner with us to support the annual BRIT Challenge.

In addition to inviting and encouraging every Vice-Chancellor, College Principal and Students' Union President to champion the BRIT Challenge, our Education Partners, including The Committee of University Chairs (CUS), Universities UK (UUK), the Association of Colleges (AoC), Colleges Scotland, ColegauCymru and the National Union of Students (NUS), are helping to ensure we increase the opportunity for students and staff at every UK university, college and specialist college to take part.

“The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT)’s annual BRIT Challenge is a great opportunity for every college in the UK to participate in an inclusive wellbeing initiative that provides the flexibility to decide on; when (between the days of the BRIT Challenge) they take part; what wellbeing initiatives can be delivered to support students and staff; a specific area of mental health they would like to destigmatise (LGBTQI+, Anti-Racism, Disability Inclusion, Body Image); what Volunteering/Acts of Kindness in the Community projects they would like to complete; and which local, regional or national charity, they would like to raise funds for, alongside BRIT. 


The BRIT Challenge has evolved by listening to students and staff to ensure that it; further supports and improves student and staff wellbeing; complements other mental health initiatives; can support ongoing curriculum activities; and provides evidence to support colleges to share the positive impact they have within their communities.


Good For Me Good For FE is delighted to have forged a partnership with BRIT and we very much hope all our College Partners will embrace the BRIT Challenge and use our Good For ME Good For FE toolkit to measure impact of their participation. We have pledged our support to BRIT for the next five years with the aim of growing the BRIT Challenge and encouraging every college in the UK to take part; together we could have an extraordinary impact on our communities, students and staff.”


Liz Lake

Development Director 

London & South East Education Group (LSEC) and Good For ME Good For FE lead with BRIT


good4FE logo.png


In 2017, there had been a 210% increase in the number of students leaving university due to mental health problems over the past 5 years.

*Higher Education Statistics Agency.


85% of colleges reported an increase in students with disclosed mental health issues in the past 3 years.


*Association of Colleges (AoC) Survey December 



87% of first year students (almost nine in 10) find it difficult to cope with social or academic aspects of university life.


*University Partnerships Programme (UPP) annual Student Experience survey 2017.


There was a 76% increase in the number of university Students seeking mental health support in the 5 years between 2012 and 2017.

*The British Psychological Society - Mental Health and Wellbeing in Scotland's higher and further education sector.

How BRIT can support students and staff at every UK university, college, specialist college, and Students' Union (SU)


UK-wide university and college engagement is vital for the long-term success of BRIT and ensures our charity is;


  • Uniting institutions through the annual BRIT Challenge wellbeing initiative and promoting a whole university and college approach to mental health.


  • A collaborative charity that complements institutions and SUs with their strategies around EDI, Disability Inclusion, Community Engagement and Needs, Volunteering, and Social Action.


  • Providing opportunities for institutions and SUs to raise funds for local, regional, and national charities, alongside BRIT, and enabling social and community impact including Acts of Kindness.


  • Delivering an annual legacy event, that grows stronger year on year, with a continued UK-wide impact on improving and supporting student and staff mental health, fitness, and wellbeing.


  • Bringing students and staff closer together through a wide range of inclusive wellbeing activities that help to destigmatise mental health and reduce isolation and loneliness.


  • Enabling students and staff from every institution to be part of the charity; both within our BRIT Regional Steering Groups and also within their own internal BRIT Challenge Steering Groups.

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